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Vol. 13, No. 6, Dec 2020 Decreased Level of Neuropeptide Y Is Associated With Gastroparesis in Male Diabetic Rats Abstract   HTML   PDF
Rebecca Smiley, Richard McCallum, Mohammed Showkat Ali
Vol. 17, No. 1, Feb 2024 Delays in Colorectal Cancer Screening for Latino Patients: The Role of Immigrant Healthcare in Stemming the Rising Global Incidence of Colorectal Cancer Abstract   HTML   PDF
Eleazar E. Montalvan-Sanchez, Renato Beas, Ahmad Karkash, Ambar Godoy, Dalton Argean Norwood, Michael Dougherty
Vol. 10, No. 5, Oct 2017 Demographic, Endoscopic and Histopathologic Features Among Stool H. pylori Positive and Stool H. pylori Negative Patients With Dyspepsia Abstract   HTML   PDF
Mohamed Hassan Emara, Rasha Ibrahim Salama, Amira Amin Salem
Vol. 11, No. 3, Jun 2018 Denture-Associated Oral Microbiome and Periodontal Disease Causing an Anaerobic Pyogenic Liver Abscess in an Immunocompetent Patient: A Case report and Review of the Literature Abstract   HTML   PDF
Muhammad Bader Hammami, Elizabeth M. Noonan, Anuj Chhaparia, Feras Al Khatib, Juri Bassuner, Christine Hachem
Vol. 3, No. 4, Aug 2010 Dermatophilus Congolensis Infection of the Esophagus Abstract   HTML   PDF
Vivek S. Ramanathan, Alexander W. Jahng, Boris Shlopov, Binh V. Pham
Vol. 5, No. 1, Feb 2012 Desloratadine Induced Pill Esophagitis Abstract   HTML   PDF
Huseyin Alkim, Mustafa Iscan
Vol. 12, No. 2, Apr 2019 Desmoplasia and Detached Papillae in Early Esophageal Adenocarcinoma: A Histologic Study on Endoscopic Submucosal Dissection Specimens Abstract   HTML   PDF
Zhongbo Jin, Dongwei Zhang, Qin Zhang, Jinping Lai, Ashwin Akki, Ashwini Esnakula, Jesse Kresak, David Hernandez Gonzalo, Peter V. Draganov, Hao Xie, Xiuli Liu
Vol. 15, No. 5, Oct 2022 Development of a Predictive Model for Common Bile Duct Stones in Patients With Clinical Suspicion of Choledocholithiasis: A Cohort Study Abstract   HTML   PDF   Suppl1   Suppl2   Suppl3   Suppl4
Suppadech Tunruttanakul, Kotchakorn Verasmith, Jayanton Patumanond, Chatchai Mingmalairak
Vol. 14, No. 1, Feb 2021 Diabetic and Non-Diabetic Gastroparesis: A Retrospective Comparative Outcome Study From the Nationwide Inpatient Sample Abstract   HTML   PDF
Asim Kichloo, Dushyant Singh Dahiya, Farah Wani, Ehizogie Edigin, Jagmeet Singh, Micheal Albosta, Asad Mehboob, Hafeez Shaka
Vol. 12, No. 5, Oct 2019 Diagnosis and Treatment of Genetic HFE-Hemochromatosis: The Danish Aspect Abstract   HTML   PDF
Nils Thorm Milman, Frank Vinholt Schioedt, Anders Ellekaer Junker, Karin Magnussen
Vol. 4, No. 2, Apr 2011 Diagnosis and Treatment of Multiple Intestinal Angioectasias: A Case Report Abstract   HTML   PDF
Lidia Santarpia, Maria Carmen Pagano, Rosario Cuomo, Franco Contaldo, Fabrizio Pasanisi
Vol. 12, No. 6, Dec 2019 Diagnosis of Liver Neoplasms by Computational and Statistical Image Analysis Abstract   HTML   PDF
Rong Xia, Amir M. Boroujeni, Stephanie Shea, Yongsheng Pan, Raag Agrawal, Elhem Yousefi, M. Isabel Fiel, M.A. Haseeb, Raavi Gupta
Vol. 15, No. 5, Oct 2022 Diagnostic Accuracy of Elastography and Liver Disease: A Meta-Analysis Abstract   HTML   PDF
Preeti Malik, Shreejith Pillai, Kriti Agarwal, Salwa Abdelwahed, Renu Bhandari, Abhishek Singh, Anusha Chidharla, Kajal Patel, Priyanka Singh, Pritika Manaktala, Rizwan Rabbani, Thoyaja Koritala, Sachin Gupta
Vol. 2, No. 2, Apr 2009 Diagnostic Capability of Capsule Endoscopy in Small Bowel Diseases Abstract   HTML   PDF
Filiz Akyuz, Zeynel Mungan
Vol. 4, No. 4, Aug 2011 Diagnostic Yield of Microscopic Colitis in Open Access Endoscopy Center Abstract   HTML   PDF
Derek Ellingson, Ronald Miick, Faye Chang, Robert Hillard, Abhishek Choudhary, Imran Ashraf, Matthew Bechtold, Alberto Diaz-Arias
Vol. 2, No. 2, Apr 2009 Dietary Fat Feeding Alters Lipid Peroxidation in Surfactant-like Particles Secreted by Rat Small Intestine Abstract   HTML   PDF
Aasma Turan, Akhtar Mahood, David H Alpers
Vol. 13, No. 6, Dec 2020 Dietary Iron Intakes in Men in Europe Are Distinctly Above the Recommendations: A Review of 39 National Studies From 20 Countries in the Period 1995 - 2016 Abstract   HTML   PDF
Nils Thorm Milman
Vol. 4, No. 4, Aug 2011 Dietary Phytosterols Protective Against Peptic Ulceration Abstract   HTML   PDF
Frank I Tovey, Doga Capanoglu, G John Langley, Julie M Herniman, Serhat Bor, Omer Ozutemiz, Michael Hobsley, Karna Dev Bardhan, Bruno Linclau
Vol. 11, No. 4, Aug 2018 Difference Between Left-Sided and Right-Sided Colorectal Cancer: A Focused Review of Literature Abstract   HTML   PDF
Burcin Baran, Nazli Mert Ozupek, Nihal Yerli Tetik, Emine Acar, Omer Bekcioglu, Yasemin Baskin
Vol. 2, No. 2, Apr 2009 Differences in Managing Anticoagulants and Antiplatelets for Gastrointestinal Endoscopy between East and West Abstract   HTML   PDF
Sun-Young Lee
Vol. 10, No. 2, Apr 2017 Differential Simultaneous Liver and Kidney Transplant Benefit Based on Severity of Liver Damage at the Time of Transplantation Abstract   HTML   PDF
Shahid Habib, Khalid Khan, Chiu-Hsieh Hsu, Edward Meister, Abbas Rana, Thomas Boyer
Vol. 2, No. 4, Aug 2009 Diffrential Diagnosis of Hepatic Hydrothorax by 99mTc Sulfur Colloid Peritoneal Scintigraphy: Two Cases Abstract   HTML   PDF
Cem Aygun, Hakan Demir, Omer Senturk
Vol. 1, No. 1, Dec 2008 Diphenyl Dimethyl Bicarboxylate in the Treatment of Viral Hepatitis, Adjuvant or Curative? Abstract   HTML   PDF
Chen Wang, You Qing Xu
Vol. 11, No. 3, Jun 2018 Diphyllobothrium latum mimicking subacute appendicitis Abstract   HTML   PDF
Konika Sharma, Karn Wijarnpreecha, Nancy Merrell
Vol. 11, No. 2, Apr 2018 Direct-Acting Antivirals in Chronic Hepatitis C Genotype 4 Infection in Community Care Setting Abstract   HTML   PDF
Vijay Gayam, Mazin Khalid, Amrendra Kumar Mandal, Muhammad Rajib Hussain, Osama Mukhtar, Arshpal Gill, Pavani Garlapati, Binav Shrestha, Debra Guss, Jagannath Sherigar, Mohammed Mansour, Smruti Mohanty
Vol. 10, No. 2, Apr 2017 Discontinuation of Scheduled Infliximab in Crohns Patients With Clinical Remission: A Retrospective Single-Center Study Abstract   HTML   PDF
Huiqin Hu, Cheng Xiang, Chen Qiu, Zhao Chen, Silin Huang, Li Liang, Xinying Wang
Vol. 13, No. 4, Aug 2020 Does Extended Use of Clopidogrel-Based Dual Anti-Platelet Therapy Increase the Risk of Gastrointestinal Bleeding? Abstract   HTML   PDF
Hafsa Abbas, Suresh Kumar Nayudu, Madhavi Ravi, Muhammad Saad, Kashyap Bathini, Pranav Ravi, Swathi Roy, Divya Arya, Sridhar Chilimuri
Vol. 16, No. 3, Jun 2023 Does Liver Resection Remain a Viable Option in Patients With Pyogenic Liver Abscess? A Single-Center Experience Abstract   HTML   PDF
Aiman Obed, Mohammad Abuassi, Saqr Alsakarneh, Fouad Jaber, Mahmoud Fakhri, Fadi Abufares, Abdalla Bashir, Mahmood Syam, Anwar Jarrad, Ody Abdelhadi, Hassan Ghoz
Vol. 3, No. 5, Oct 2010 Does Timing of Colon Procedures Affect Outcomes in D-IBS Trials? Abstract   HTML   PDF
Jianmin Wang, Beth Sherrill, Lynne A. Hamm, Allen W. Mangel
Vol. 11, No. 2, Apr 2018 Double Pylorus: Report of a Case With Endoscopic Follow-Up and Review of the Literature Abstract   HTML   PDF
Fotios Fousekis, Panagiota Aggeli, Panagiotis Kotsaftis, George Pappas-Gogos
Vol. 10, No. 4, Aug 2017 Doxycycline-Induced Acute Pancreatitis: A Rare Adverse Event Abstract   HTML   PDF
Prashanth Rawla, Jeffrey Pradeep Raj
Vol. 3, No. 6, Dec 2010 Duodenal Lipoma as a Rare Cause of Upper Gastrointestinal Bleeding Abstract   HTML   PDF
Helga M. Ouwerkerk, M.H. Raber, G. Freling, J.M. Klaase
Vol. 1, No. 1, Dec 2008 Dynamic Changes of Soluble Fas and IL-2/IL-10 in serum and Fas Expression in Lung in the Rats of Acute Necrotizing Pancreatitis Abstract   HTML   PDF
Jian Xin Zhang, Jiang Tao Yin, Lei Cui, Sheng Chun Dang
Vol. 15, No. 4, Aug 2022 Early Colonoscopy in Hospitalized Patients With Acute Lower Gastrointestinal Bleeding: A Nationwide Analysis Abstract   HTML   PDF   Suppl1
Kuldeepsinh P. Atodaria, Samyak Dhruv, Joseph M. Bruno, Brisha Bhikadiya, Shravya R. Ginnaram, Shreeja Shah
Vol. 12, No. 6, Dec 2019 Educational Intervention Improves Proton Pump Inhibitor Stewardship in Outpatient Gastroenterology Clinics Abstract   HTML   PDF
Megan J. Walker, Nicholas R. Crews, Mustapha El-Halabi, Nabil F. Fayad
Vol. 5, No. 3, Jun 2012 Effect of Acute Surgical Stress on Serum Ghrelin Levels Abstract   HTML   PDF
Nikolaos Kontoravdis, George Vassilikostas, Emmanuel Lagoudianakis, Apostolos Pappas, Charalampos Seretis, Nikolaos Panagiotopoulos, Nikolaos Koronakis, John Chrysikos, George Karanikas, Ioannis Manouras, Ioanis Legakis, Dionysios Voros
Vol. 3, No. 1, Feb 2010 Effect of Aqueous Extract of Psidium Guajava Leaves on Liver Enzymes, Histological Integrity and Hematological Indices in Rats Abstract   HTML   PDF
Friday E. Uboh, Iniobong E. Okon, Moses B. Ekong
Vol. 13, No. 3, Jun 2020 Effect of COVID-19 Pandemic and Lockdown on Children With Gastrointestinal Disorders Abstract   HTML   PDF
Eyad Altamimi
Vol. 3, No. 2, Apr 2010 Effect of Hospital Characteristics on the Quality of Laparoscopic Gastrectomy in Japan Abstract   HTML   PDF
Kazuaki Kuwabara, Shinya Matsuda, Kiyohide Fushimi, Koichi B Ishikawa, Hiromasa Horiguchi, Kenji Fujimori
Vol. 5, No. 3, Jun 2012 Effect of Salmonella enteric Serovar Typhimurium in Pregnant Mice: A Biochemical and Histopathological Study Abstract   HTML   PDF
Geeta Shukla, Ishita Verma, Lalita Sharma
Vol. 3, No. 4, Aug 2010 Effect of Traditional Japanese Medicine, Daikenchuto (TJ-100) in Patients With Chronic Constipation Abstract   HTML   PDF
Akira Horiuchi, Yoshiko Nakayama, Naoki Tanaka
Vol. 2, No. 3, Jun 2009 Effect of Zinc Supplementation in Children with Acute Diarrhea: Randomized Double Blind Controlled Trial Abstract   HTML   PDF
Sangita S Trivedi, Rajesh K Chudasama, Nehal Patel
Vol. 16, No. 4, Aug 2023 Effects of Helicobacter pylori Infection on the Prognosis of Chronic Atrophic Gastritis by Inducing the Macrophage Polarization Abstract   HTML   PDF
Chun Na Zhao, Li Li Xiao, Ying Zhang
Vol. 3, No. 3, Jun 2010 Effects of Gelatinization of Enteral Nutrients on Human Gastric Emptying Abstract   HTML   PDF
Naruo Kawasaki, Mitsuyoshi Urashima, Hironori Odaira, Takuji Noro, Yutaka Suzuki
Vol. 8, No. 5, Oct 2015 Effects of Glutamine and Omega-3 Fatty Acids on Erythrocyte Deformability and Oxidative Damage in Rat Model of Enterocolitis Abstract   HTML   PDF
Ruksan Cehreli, Hale Akpinar, Aysegul Temiz Artmann, Ozgul Sagol
Vol. 10, No. 2, Apr 2017 Efficacy and Safety of Direct-Acting Oral Anticoagulants Use in Acute Portal Vein Thrombosis Unrelated to Cirrhosis Abstract   HTML   PDF
Filipe Nery, Diana Valadares, Sara Morais, Manuel Teixeira Gomes, Andrea De Gottardi
Vol. 11, No. 2, Apr 2018 Efficacy and Safety of Entecavir 0. 5 mg in Treating Naive Chronic Hepatitis B Virus Patients in Egypt: Five Years of Real Life Experience Abstract   HTML   PDF
Sahar Maklad, Ehab Mahfouz Reyad, Emad Adel William, Alaa Abouzeid
Vol. 14, No. 3, Jun 2021 Efficacy and Safety of Neostigmine and Decompressive Colonoscopy for Acute Colonic Pseudo-Obstruction: A Single-Center Analysis Abstract   HTML   PDF
Joy J. Liu, Vishnu Venkatesh, Jing Gao, Emerald Adler, Darren M. Brenner
Vol. 11, No. 5, Oct 2018 Efficacy of Gastric Electrical Stimulation for Gastroparesis: US/European Comparison Abstract   HTML   PDF
Jordan Burlen, Matt Runnels, Minesh Mehta, Stina Andersson, Philippe Ducrotte, Guillaume Gourcerol, Greger Lindberg, Greg Fullarton, Hasse Abrahamsson, Amar Al-Juburi, Chris Lahr, Hani Rashed, Thomas Abell
Vol. 12, No. 3, Jun 2019 Efficacy of Low Dose Chemoprophylaxis for Coccidioidomycosis Infection in Liver Transplant Recipients Abstract   HTML   PDF
Shahid Habib, Razan A. El Ramahi, Scott Rosen, Sumaya Farran, Jamilah Shubeilat, Courtney Walker, Mariana Casal, Tirdad Zangeneh
Vol. 4, No. 5, Oct 2011 Efficacy of Narrow Band Imaging System Combined With Magnifying Endoscopy for Differentiating Type IIa Early Gastric Cancer From Adenoma Abstract   HTML   PDF
Hyung Hun Kim, Moo In Park, Jeong Moon Choi, Seun Ja Park, Won Moon
Vol. 10, No. 5, Oct 2017 Efficacy of Video Capsule Endoscopy in the Management of Suspected Small Bowel Bleeding in Patients With Continuous Flow Left Ventricular Assist Devices Abstract   HTML   PDF
Thomas A. Zikos, Jennifer Pan, Berkeley Limketkai, Dipanjan Banerjee, Nielsen Fernandez-Becker
Vol. 1, No. 1, Dec 2008 EGF-R Protein Expression and Gene Amplification do not Correlate in Pancreas Cancer Abstract   HTML   PDF
Gian Luca Baiocchi, Vincenzo Villanacci, Elisa Rossi, Daniela Zanotti, Stefano Maria Giulini
Vol. 4, No. 3, Jun 2011 Electron Microscopic Radioautographic Study on the Protein Synthesis in the Pancreas of Aging Mice With Special Reference to Mitochondria Abstract   HTML   PDF
Tetsuji Nagata
Vol. 12, No. 3, Jun 2019 Elevated International Normalized Ratio: A Risk Factor for Portal Vein Thrombosis in Cirrhotic Patients Abstract   HTML   PDF
Eric Omar Then, Vijay Shailendra Are, Michell Lopez-Luciano, Rani Bijjam, Andrew Ofosu, Andrea Culliford, Vinaya Gaduputi
Vol. 10, No. 6, Dec 2017 ELISA Serology for Antibodies Against Chlamydia trachomatis in Crohns Disease Abstract   HTML   PDF
Herbert J. Van Kruiningen, Zeinab Helal, Ariane Leroyer, Antonio Garmendia, Corrine Gower-Rousseau
Vol. 4, No. 2, Apr 2011 Emphysematous Pyelonephritis Associated With Emphysematous Gastritis and Air in the Portal Vein Abstract   HTML   PDF
Jagadish Akella, Gilda-Diaz Fuentes, Sunjeet Kaur, Sindhaghatta Venkatram
Vol. 5, No. 3, Jun 2012 Endodermal Sinus Tumor Presented With Ascites: A Case Report Abstract   HTML   PDF
Ahmet Cumhur Dulger, Huseyin Begenik, Ramazan Esen, Mete Rafet
Vol. 2, No. 6, Dec 2009 Endometriosis of the Vermiform Appendix Presenting as a Tumor Abstract   HTML   PDF
Tadashi Terada
Vol. 11, No. 4, Aug 2018 Endoscopic Appearance and Management of Recto-Sigmoid Endometriosis: Case Report Abstract   HTML   PDF
Abubakr Adam, Mechu Narayanan, Christine Hachem
Vol. 12, No. 3, Jun 2019 Endoscopic Botulinum Toxin Injection for Tacrolimus-Induced Achalasia in a Renal Transplant Recipient Abstract   HTML   PDF
Marilia Campos, Robert Matlock
Vol. 12, No. 6, Dec 2019 Endoscopic Gastrojejunostomy for Superior Mesenteric Artery Syndrome Using Magnetic Compression Anastomosis Abstract   HTML   PDF
Hideaki Kawabata, Daiki Sone, Katsutoshi Yamaguchi, Naonori Inoue, Yuji Okazaki, Yuki Ueda, Misuzu Hitomi, Masatoshi Miyata, Shigehiro Motoi
Vol. 6, No. 6, Dec 2013 Endoscopic Removal of Granular Cell Tumors of Stomach: Case Report and Review of Literature Abstract   HTML   PDF
Arunkumar Krishnan, Ravi Ramakrishnan, Maya Menon
Vol. 5, No. 1, Feb 2012 Endoscopic Treatment Options in Patients With Gastrojejunal Anastomosis Stricture Following Roux-en-Y Gastric Bypass Abstract   HTML   PDF
Richdeep S. Gill, Kevin A. Whitlock, Rachid Mohamed, Daniel W. Birch, Shahzeer Karmali
Vol. 5, No. 6, Dec 2012 Endoscopic Ultrasound Guided Embolization of a Pancreatic Pseudoaneurysm Abstract   HTML   PDF
Paul M. Robb, Paul Yeaton, Thomas Bishop, John Wessinger
Vol. 16, No. 1, Feb 2023 Endoscopic Ultrasound Predicts Risk of Occult Intra-Abdominal Metastases in Localized Gastric Cancer: A Validation Study Abstract   HTML   PDF
Fares Ayoub, Christopher G. Chapman, Heather Chen, Namrata Setia, Kevin Roggin, Uzma D. Siddiqui
Vol. 7, No. 3-4, Aug 2014 Endoscopic Ultrasound-Guided Self-Expandable Metal Stent Placement for the Treatment of Infected Pancreatic Pseudocysts Abstract   HTML   PDF
Farbod Masrour, Damien Mallat
Vol. 6, No. 4, Aug 2013 Enteral Nutrition Related Complications Relevant to Alteration of Formulas in Two Critically Ill Pediatric Patients Abstract   HTML   PDF
Nobuhiro Akuzawa, Aya Murata, Asa Takeuchi, Jun Tsukagoshi, Ryoko Kaneko, Hiroshi Naito, Takahisa Mizuno, Yasuo Sunaga, Masahiko Tashiro
Vol. 11, No. 2, Apr 2018 Enteral Nutrition With an Enteral Formula Containing Egg Yolk Lecithin After Percutaneous Endoscopic Gastrostomy: A Case Series Abstract   HTML   PDF
Tetsuro Akashi, Risa Hashimoto, Akihisa Ohno, Kazuhide Matsumoto, Yukari Nakamura
Vol. 10, No. 5, Oct 2017 Eosinophilic Colitis Masquerading as Malignancy of Colon Abstract   HTML   PDF
Tagore Sunkara, Arash Samarghandi, Sriharsha Dadana, Vinaya Gaduputi
Vol. 7, No. 5-6, Dec 2014 Eosinophilic Esophagitis Causing Dysphagia: A Rare Entity in Adults, A Case Report and Review of Literature Abstract   HTML   PDF
Waqas Jehangir, Romel P. Zavala, Abdul I. Mahmad, Mohammed A. Islam, Abdalla Yousif
Vol. 3, No. 2, Apr 2010 Eosinophilic Esophagitis: Current Aspects of a Recently Recognized Disease Abstract   HTML   PDF
Alfredo J Lucendo, Sonia Gonzalez-Castillo, Danila Guagnozzi, Jose L Yague-Compadre, Angel Arias
Vol. 6, No. 6, Dec 2013 Eosinophilic Gastroenteritis With Malabsorption, Acute Intestinal Obstruction, Ascites and Pleural Effusion: A Case Report and Review of Literature Abstract   HTML   PDF
Aloisio Antonio Gomes de Matos Brasil, Luiza Neves Pinheiro Bezerra, Estela Lucena Alcantara Bruno, Danyelle Rolim Carvalho, Paulo Levi Pereira de Oliveira, Roana Lacerda Tavares Leite
Vol. 2, No. 5, Oct 2009 Epidemiological Survey of Hepatitis C Virus Infection in Fife, Scotland Abstract   HTML   PDF
Lukman Hakeem, Grace A Thomsona, Diptendu N Bhattacharyya
Vol. 9, No. 4-5, Oct 2016 Epstein-Barr Virus-Associated Acute Liver Failure Present in a 67-Year-Old Immunocompetent Female Abstract   HTML   PDF
Wei Zhang, Betty Chen, Yongxin Chen, Robin Chamberland, Alexa Fider-Whyte, Julia Craig, Chintalapati Varma, Alex S. Befeler, Adrian M. Di Bisceglie, Peter Horton, Jin-Ping Lai
Vol. 9, No. 4-5, Oct 2016 Epstein-Barr Virus-Positive Diffuse Large B-Cell Lymphoma Involving the Colon in a Patient With Ulcerative Pancolitis and Polymyositis on Long-Term Methotrexate Therapy Abstract   HTML   PDF
Michael D. Chang, Merry-Jennifer Markham, Xiuli Liu
Vol. 3, No. 2, Apr 2010 ERCP in Patients With Sickle Cell Disease: Diagnostic and Therapeutic Dilemmas Abstract   HTML   PDF
Hussain Issa, Ali Al-Haddad, Ahmed Al-Salem
Vol. 3, No. 2, Apr 2010 Erythema Annulare Centrifugum: A Rare Skin Finding of Autoimmune Hepatitis Abstract   HTML   PDF
Cem Aygun, Orhan Kocaman, Yesim Gurbuz, Altay Celebi, Omer Senturk, Sadettin Hulagu
Vol. 2, No. 3, Jun 2009 Esophageal Cancers: A Clinicopathologic and Immunohistochemical Study of 223 Cases Abstract   HTML   PDF
Tadashi Terada
Vol. 13, No. 1, Feb 2020 Esophageal Carcinoma Cuniculatum Diagnosed on Mucosal Biopsies Using a Semiquantitative Histologic Schema: Report of Two Esophagectomy-Confirmed Cases Abstract   HTML   PDF
Xiuli Liu, Dennis Yang, Xuefeng Zhang, Olusola Oduntan
Vol. 2, No. 2, Apr 2009 Esophageal Carcinoma with Triplicate Differentiation into Squamous Cell Carcinoma, Small Cell Carcinoma and Adenocarcinoma: a Case Report Abstract   HTML   PDF
Tadashi Terada
Vol. 3, No. 4, Aug 2010 Esophageal Contractions After Wet and Dry Swallows in Patients With Esophagitis, Chagas' Disease and Idiopathic Achalasia Abstract   HTML   PDF
Jucileia Dalmazo, Roberto Oliveira Dantas
Vol. 4, No. 2, Apr 2011 Esophageal Dysmotility in Chronic Hemodialysis Patients After Ingestion of Liquids With Different Viscosities Abstract   HTML   PDF
Clovis Massato Kuwahara, Lucilene Rosa-e-Silva, Altair Jacob Mocelin, Miriam Zebian, Rose Meire Albuquerque Pontes, Roberto Oliveira Dantas
Vol. 14, No. 3, Jun 2021 Esophageal Food Impaction: A Retrospective Chart Review Abstract   HTML   PDF
Dhineshreddy Gurala, Abhishek Polavarapu, Jobin Philipose, Shivantha Amarnath, Akshay Avula, Pretty Sara Idiculla, Seleshi Demissie, Vivek Gumaste
Vol. 10, No. 6, Dec 2017 Esophageal Granular Cell Tumor: A Case and Review of the Literature Abstract   HTML   PDF
Emmanuel Ofori, Daryl Ramai, Ying X. Lui, Madhavi Reddy
Vol. 4, No. 1, Feb 2011 Esophageal Intraepithelial Neutrophil Infiltration is Common in Nigerian Patients With Non-Erosive Reflux Disease Abstract   HTML   PDF
Sylvester Chuks Nwokediuko, Uchenna Ijoma, Okechukwu Okafor
Vol. 8, No. 5, Oct 2015 Esophageal Transit, Contraction and Perception of Transit After Swallows of Two Viscous Boluses Abstract   HTML   PDF
Jucileia Dalmazo, Lilian Rose Otoboni Aprile, Roberto Oliveira Dantas
Vol. 16, No. 2, Apr 2023 Esophageal Ulcer After Intravitreal Ranibizumab Injection in a Patient With Age-Related Macular Degeneration Abstract   HTML   PDF
Xin Qing Li, Ke Wei Zhu, Jun Lai, Jian Wu, Xiao Fang Guo
Vol. 11, No. 5, Oct 2018 Esophageal Ulcers in Primary Biliary Cholangitis: A Rare Cause of Hematemesis in the Setting of Portal Hypertension and Esophageal Varices Abstract   HTML   PDF
Sindhura Kolli, Amit Mori, Isaac Moshenyat
Vol. 14, No. 6, Dec 2021 Ethnic Minorities and Low Socioeconomic Status Patients With Chronic Liver Disease Are at Greatest Risk of Being Uninsured Abstract   HTML   PDF
Kabiru Ohikere, Amit S. Chitnis, Thomas A. Hahambis, Ashwani Singal, Robert J. Wong
Vol. 10, No. 3, Jun 2017 Evaluation of Esophageal Functions by Manometry in Iron Deficiency Anemia Patients Abstract   HTML   PDF
Pinar Kubilay, Beyza Doganay, Mehmet Bektas
Vol. 13, No. 3, Jun 2020 Evaluation of Roles of MicroRNA-21 and MicroRNA-18a in Esophageal Squamous Cell Carcinoma and Comparison of Their Changes in Expression Post-Chemoradiotherapy Abstract   HTML   PDF
Mohd Talha Noor, Nivesh Seehra, Jitendra Rajput, Rajeev Sharma, Bhagwan Singh Thakur
Vol. 5, No. 3, Jun 2012 Evaluation of Six Cases of Idiopathic Gastric Antral Ulcer Abstract   HTML   PDF
Tateki Yamane, Takayuki Ishii, Akira Umeda, Hitoshi Shimao
Vol. 7, No. 5-6, Dec 2014 Evaluation of the Splash Time Test as a Bedside Test for Hiatal Hernia Abstract   HTML   PDF
Thomas Akesson Lindow, Thomas Franzen
Vol. 15, No. 6, Dec 2022 Expanding the Use of Endoscopic Retrograde Cholangiopancreatography in Pediatrics: A National Database Analysis of Demographics and Complication Rates Abstract   HTML   PDF
Eric Lorio, Chris Moreau, Joel Edmund Michalek, Sandeep Patel
Vol. 12, No. 5, Oct 2019 Experience of Endoscopic Jejunojejunostomy for Anastomotic Obstruction After Subtotal Gastrectomy Using Magnetic Compression Anastomosis Abstract   HTML   PDF
Hideaki Kawabata, Naonori Inoue, Yuji Okazaki, Daiki Sone, Katsutoshi Yamaguchi, Yuki Ueda, Misuzu Hitomi, Masatoshi Miyata, Shigehiro Motoi, Takashi Fuse, Kenichirou Fukuda, Yoshihiro Shimizu
Vol. 12, No. 2, Apr 2019 Experience of Manual Compression Hemostasis Under Endoscopic Observation for Acute Hemorrhagic Rectal Ulcer Abstract   HTML   PDF
Hideaki Kawabata, Katsutoshi Yamaguchi, Yukino Kawakatsu, Yuki Ueda, Yuji Okazaki, Misuzu Hitomi, Masatoshi Miyata, Shigehiro Motoi
Vol. 2, No. 2, Apr 2009 Expression of C-Reactive Protein in Rectal Cancer Abstract   HTML   PDF
Paulo de Carvalho Contu, Simone Santana Contu, Mario Antonello Rosito, Luis Fernando Moreira
Vol. 15, No. 2, Apr 2022 Extensive Aortic Thrombosis and Renal Infarction in Association With an Active Flare-Up of Crohns Disease Abstract   HTML   PDF
Eltaib Saad, Abdalaziz Awadelkarim, Mohamed Agab, Akram Babkir
Vol. 9, No. 6, Dec 2016 Extramammary Pagets Disease of Anal Canal Associated With Rectal Adenoma Without Invasive Carcinoma Abstract   HTML   PDF
Vaibhav Chumbalkar, Timothy A. Jennings, Sanaz Ainechi, Edward C. Lee, Hwajeong Lee
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