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Volume 10, Number 6, December 2017, pages 334-338

ELISA Serology for Antibodies Against Chlamydia trachomatis in Crohn’s Disease


Figure 1.
Figure 1. Positive serology vs. Chlamydia trachomatis in patients and control groups. *Healthy first degree relatives of CD patients in multiplex families.


Table 1. ELISA Serology vs. Chlamydia trachomatis
Sample groupFamilies studiesSporadic cases
Healthy controls for multiplex families (n = 49)Healthy relatives*, in multiplex families (n = 25)CD in multiplex families (n = 25)CD pediatric-onset (n = 80)UC pediatric-onset (n = 20)CD adult-onset (n = 148)UC adult-onset (n = 50)
CD: Crohn’s disease; UC: ulcerative colitis. *Healthy first degree relatives of CD patients in multiplex families.
IgG positives4 (8%)2 (8%)5 (20%)1 (1%)2 (10%)14 (9%)5 (10%)
IgA positives5 (10%)2 (8%)5 (20%)8 (10%)1 (5%)15 (10%)3 (6%)
Either IgG or IgA positive or both7 (14%)3 (12%)6 (24%)9 (11%)3 (15%)28 (19%)7 (14%)
Male %37%44%40%45%35%43%46%
Age median (min - max)39 (16 - 78)41 (17 - 78)35 (17 - 79)24 (16 - 37)26 (20 - 35)31 (17 - 65)40 (18 - 70)


Table 2. Previously Reported Anti-Chlamydia Antibodies in Crohn’s Disease
Ab: antibody; Ctr: control; ELISA: enzyme-linked immunosorbent assay. *7.4% were positive to serovars A-K or 207.
Rodaniche et al [5]1943USC. trachomatis LGVSN040
Swarbrick et al [6]1979EnglandIgGC. trachomatis A-K, 207, LGV 1-3Micro FA4547.4*107513
Taylor-Robbinson et al [7]1979EnglandC. trachomatis B, D-J, LGV 1-3Micro FA85514.552322
Schuller et al [10]1979HollandIgGC. trachomatis A-K, LGV 1-3Micro FA3855691502
Mardh et al [11]1980SwedenIgGC. trachomatis D-K, LGV 1-3IIF8310778385076
Gump et al [12]1981USC. trachomatis LGV 2IIF355860335857
Elliot et al [8]1981EnglandC. trachomatis A-K, LGV 1-3Micro FA062031602
Orda et al [13]1990IsraelIgGC. trachomatisIIP14159341526
Orda et al [13]1990IsraelIgAC. trachomatisIIP515331156
McGarity et al [9]1991EnglandIgGC. trachomatis L1ELISA74815144829
Van Kruiningen et al [4]2016FranceIgGC. trachomatis LGV 2: 434ELISA2248.31156.6
IgAC. trachomatis LGV 2: 434ELISA42416.61156.6
Gump et al [12]1981USIgAChlamydia group antigenCF589.51581.7
Swarbrick et al [6]1979EnglandIgGC.psittaciMicro FA05400750
Munro et al [14]1979WalesIgGC. psittaciCF306248185732
Elliot et al [8]1981EnglandIgGC. psittaciMicro FA062001600
Van Kruiningen et al [15]2000FranceIgGC. psittaciCF513381138