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Volume 10, Number 1, February 2017, pages 45-49

Hematemesis With Gastric Laceration After Tattooing a Polyp With Purified Carbon: A Review of the Literature


Figure 1.
Figure 1. (a) Gastric polyp. (b) Tattooed gastric polyp. (c, d) Laceration after tattooing.


Table 1. Summary of Efficacy Studies on Dyes
AuthorNumber of casesAgentTattooed areaEfficacy (%)Invisible (%)
NA: not available.
Beretvas and Ponsky [11]15Methylene blueColon1000
Miyoshi et al [8]41Indocyanine greenColon92.77.3
Hammond et al [9]15Indocyanine greenColon1000
Aboosy et al [7]19India InkColon68.431.5
Cho et al [1]96India InkColon97.92.1
Shatz et al [12]55India InkColonNANA
McArthur et al [13]195India InkColon1000
Arteaga-Gonzalez et al [14]21India InkColon1000
Shaffer et al [15]19India InkEsophagus94.75.3
Sun et al [16]53India InkStomach96.23.8
Feingold et al [17]50Purified carbonColon8812
Askin et al [18]113Purified carbonColon1000
Park et al [19]63Purified carbonColon96.81.6


Table 2. Summary of Complications From the Endoscopic Tattooing Described Above
NA: not available.
Cappell et al [25]NAIndia inkBlack macular patches on peritoneum
Mitrani-Boyle et al [26]Sigmoid colonIndia inkSpreading of dye to pericolic adipose tissue
Hellmig et al [27]Sigmoid colonIndia inkSpreading of dye to submucosa
Del Rio et al [28]NAIndia inkSpreading of dye to peritoneum
Tutticci et al [29]RectumPurified carbonPeritoneal pigmentation
Park et al [30]Descending colonIndiainkColonic abscess and focal peritonitis
Chang et al [31]Sigmoid colonIndia inkColonic abscess
Alba et al [32]Sigmoid colonIndia inkRectus muscle abscess
Singh et al [33]Recto sigmoid colonIndia inkFocal peritonitis
Moss et al [34]Hepatic flexurePurified carbonPeritonitis
Marques et al [35]RectumPurified carbonRectum hematoma
Dell’Abate et al [36]ColonIndia inkPseudotumor
Coman et al [37]ColonIndia inkPseudotumor
Gopal et al [38]ColonIndia inkIdiopathic inflammatory bowel disease
Bahardursingh et al [39]SigmoidIndia inkSimulating intestinal infarction
Gianom et al [40]Right colonIndia inkRetroperitoneal perforation
Chen et al [41]Small bowelIndia inkMesenteric air embolism