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Volume 7, Number 5-6, December 2014, pages 118-122

Evaluation of the Splash Time Test as a Bedside Test for Hiatal Hernia


Figure 1.
Figure 1. Reported symptoms during the last 2 months, patient group, n = 30.
Figure 2.
Figure 2. Box-plot presenting median splash time test results in controls (left) and patients (right).


Table 1. Baseline Characteristics
Patients (n = 30)Controls (n = 30)
Age, length, weight, hernia size and total reflux time are presented as means ± standard deviation. Medication LES refers to the number of patients on medications that may lower LES pressure (nitroglycerines, beta-receptor agonists, anti-cholinergic drugs, benzodiazepines). Medication peristalsis refers to the number of patients on medications that may affect esophageal peristalsis (calcium-channel blockers, nitrates, anti-cholinergic drugs) [20]. §One patient had a fully intra-thoracic ventricle.
Age (years)47.4 ± 15.847.5 ± 13.6
Length (m)1.74 ± 9.01.74 ± 9.1
Weight (kg)78.9 ± 16.173.7 ± 14.8
Medication LES30
Medication peristalsis41
Hernia size§3.2 ± 0.75-
Total reflux time5.6 ± 9.4-