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Volume 7, Number 2, April 2014, pages 56-63

Liver Biopsy and FibroScan to Detect Early Histopathological Changes in Chronic HBV Patients Not Candidate for Treatment


Table 1. Description of Study Subjects in Relation to Age and Some Blood Parameters
MeanStd. deviationMinimumMaximum
ALT34.2± 23.410.0168.0
AST31.0± 15.78.0124.0
Total bilirubin0.9± 1.50.317.0
Alpha-fetoprotein4.2± 3.40.323.0
S. albumin5.8± 0.492.05.2
Prothrombin87.1± 8.662.0110.0
S. creatinine0.88±
Platelet229.6± 52.761.0384.0
HBV DNA8,262,839± 36,755,83752.0308,000,000


Table 2. Results of Abdominal Ultrasonography for Diagnosis of Liver Disease
Abdominal ultrasound Bright liver3828.1


Table 3. Metavir Classification of Results of Liver Biopsy in the Study Patients Corresponding FibroScan Results Correlated With Metavir Scoring System
*Cases that performed isolated liver biopsy were 33 cases (24.4%) while cases who performed isolated FibroScan were 76 case (56.3%). A third group of patients comprised of 26 patients performed both liver biopsy and FibroScan.
Liver biopsy* F035.1
FibroScan* F04847.1


Table 4. FibroScan As a Predictor for Liver Fibrosis
VariableFibroScanMeanStd. deviationP value
Age Minimal fibrosis32.78.30.005
Advanced fibrosis39.79.4
ALT Minimal fibrosis27.19.5< 0.001
Advanced fibrosis49.324.4
AST Minimal fibrosis27.312.1< 0.001
Advanced fibrosis42.314.0
A fetoprotein Minimal fibrosis3.62.2< 0.001
Advanced fibrosis6.22.6
S. albumin Minimal fibrosis4.30.440.007
Advanced fibrosis4.10.56
Prothrombin Minimal fibrosis90.56.5< 0.001
Advanced fibrosis79.18.2
S. creatinine Minimal fibrosis0.860.20.015
Advanced fibrosis0.980.3
Total bilirubin Minimal fibrosis0.70.20.820
Advanced fibrosis0.70.3
Platelets Minimal fibrosis240.342.80.053
Advanced fibrosis216.645.6
HBV DNA/IUML Minimal fibrosis10,543,14439,095,3380.240
Advanced fibrosis214,306940,519


Table 5. Liver Biopsy As a Predictor for the Degree of Liver Fibrosis
VariableLiver biopsyMeanStd. deviationP value
ALT Minimal fibrosis27.212.5< 0.001
Advanced fibrosis47.435.9
AST Minimal fibrosis26.49.1< 0.001
Advanced fibrosis37.621.9
S. albumin Minimal fibrosis4.30.470.002
Advanced fibrosis3.90.39
Prothrombin Minimal fibrosis89.67.4< 0.001
Advanced fibrosis82.48.8