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Case Report

Volume 6, Number 1, February 2013, pages 29-33

Colonic Metastases From Lung Carcinoma: A Case Report and Review of the Literature


Figure 1.
Figure 1. Lesion with button-like appearance, raised, smooth edges and ulcerated in the center, with biopsies compatible with lung carcinoma metastases.
Figure 2.
Figure 2. Colonic metastasis from the lung. One of them, probably, on a prior colonic polyp.


Table 1. Forty Cases of Colon Metastases From the Lung Published in the Literature Since 1978 [4, 5, 9-33]
AuthorYearN casesSymptomsLung carcinoma
Sakai H [10]20121Abdominal painSquamous cell carcinoma
Cedres S [9]20121AsymptomaticSquamous cell carcinoma
Hsing CT [11]20121Acute abdominal painAdenocarcinoma
Fujiwara A [12]20114-Non small cell lung cancer
Ceretti AP [13]20111Intestinal obstructionAdenocarcinoma
Weng MW [14]20101Intestinal obstructionAdenocarcinoma
Ahn SE [15]20091AnorexiaAdenocarcinoma
Hirasaki S [16]20081AsymptomaticSquamous cell carcinoma
Ma Xt [17]20081HypercalcemiaSquamous cell carcinoma
Goh BK [18]20071Abdominal painLarge cell carcinoma
Yang CJ [5]20061Bloody stoolSmall cell carcinoma
Stinchcombe TE [19]20061AsymptomaticSquamous cell carcinoma
Uner A [20]20051--
Habesoglu MA [21]20051Intestinal obstructionSquamous cell carcinoma
Jonh AK [22]20021DiarrheaUndifferentiated large cell carcinoma.
Rouhanimanesh Y [23]20011Intestinal obstructionSquamous cell carcinoma
Carroll D [24]20011Diarrhea and weight lossSquamous cell carcinoma
Bastos I [25]19981Ileocolic Fistula-
Ryo H [4]19968Asymptomatic (70%) Perforation Positive fecal blood testLarge cell carcinoma (3.7%) Adenocarcinoma (2.4%) Small cell carcinoma (1.7%) Squamous cell carcinoma 0.7%
Carr Sc [26]19962--
Johnson AO [27]19951Rectal bleedingSmall cell carcinoma
Gately CA [28]19931RectorrhagiaSquamous cell carcinoma
Polak M [29]19901PerforationSmall cell carcinoma
Wegener M [30]19881Positive fecal blood testSquamous cell carcinoma
Brown KL [31]19801-Squamous cell carcinoma
Joffe N [32]19782Abdominal painSquamous cell carcinoma
Smith HJ [33]19782Intermittent obstruction Lower gastrointestinal tract bleeding-