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Volume 5, Number 4, August 2012, pages 144-148

The Feasibility and Safety of Laparoscopic Cholecystectomy Approach without the Intraopertative Cholangiography Use: A Retrospective Study on 750 Consecutive Patients


Table 1. The Exclusion Criteria
Patients who underwent preoperative ERCP or IC
  Abnormal liver function tests
  History of jaundice, cholangitis, pancreatitis
  Common bile duct stone or dilatation (≥ 10 mm)
Patients having gall bladder carcinoma
Patients with Mirizzi’s syndrome
Patients for whom regular follow up was not obtained
Patients whose operations were converted to open cholecystectomy (except for the reason of CDB injury)


Table 2. The Morbidity of Patients
Wound infection10
Wound haematoma3
Incision hernia1
CBD injury1