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Letter to the Editor

Volume 14, Number 1, February 2021, pages 45-47

Gastrointestinal Tract Heterotopic Pancreas: Asymptomatic Pathology?


Table 1. Summary of the Findings of the Relevant Studies
StudyNumber of patientsMost common GIT locationPercentage of symptomatic patients
GIT: gastrointestinal tract.
Zhang et al, 2016 [15]184Stomach14.10%
Betzler et al, 2017 [16]67Duodenum (only)18.40%
Chen et al, 2008 [18]39Stomach38%
Li et al, 2018 [19]132Stomach (only)100%
Persano et al, 2019 [20]14Meckel’s diverticulum50%
Bromberg et al, 2010 [5]18Stomach22%
Armstrong et al, 1981 [21]34Stomach38%
Shi et al, 2002 [24]7Duodenum100%
Jun et al, 2017 [25]165Stomach59%