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Volume 12, Number 6, December 2019, pages 299-304

Colorectal Serrated Polyp With Stromal Changes: An Interobserver Agreement Study


Figure 1.
Figure 1. (a) Polyp with prolapse changes and a consensus diagnosis of hyperplastic polyp. (b) Polyp with perineurial-like stromal changes and a consensus diagnosis of sessile serrated polyp. (c) Polyp with stromal changes, unclassifiable: two pathologists diagnosed this polyp as sessile serrated polyp and one pathologist as hyperplastic polyp.


Table 1. Demographics, Polyp Characteristics and Rates of Concurrent SSP and Adenoma in Other Parts of the Colon in Patients With Consensus SSP and HP Demonstrating Stromal Changes
Consensus SSPConsensus HPP value
SSP: sessile serrated polyps; HP: hyperplastic polyp; SD: standard deviation.
Female gender (%)77.730.70.019
Age (in years), mean (SD)54.7 (10.6)60.7 (11.4)0.12
Size (in mm), mean (SD)7.3 (5.3)4.5 (2.7)0.019
Right colon (%)
Current SSP in other parts of the colon (%)27.300.008
Current adenoma in other parts of the colon (%)45.469.61


Table 2. Consensus Interpretation of Stromal Changes and Basal Crypt Distortion Is Associated With the Final Diagnosis in Serrated Polyp With Stromal Changes
Consensus HP, n (%)Consensus SSP, n (%)Serrated polyp, unclassifiable, n (%)P value
Stromal changes
  Consensus: prolapse stromal changes (n = 15)14 (93.3)0 (0)1 (6.7)< 0.00001
  Consensus: perineurial-like stromal changes (n = 18)4 (22.2)6 (33.3)8 (44.4)
  Consensus: total stromal (prolapse and perineurial-like) changes (n = 33)18 (54.5)6 (18.2)9 (27.3)
Basal crypt distortion
  Consensus: no basal crypt distortion or basal crypt distortion involving only one crypt (n = 5)401< 0.00001
  Consensus: basal crypt distortion involving more than one crypt (n = 16)286