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Case Report

Volume 11, Number 6, December 2018, pages 430-435

Liver Metastasis of Hepatoid Colonic Adenocarcinoma: A Rare and Unusual Entity With Poor Prognosis and Review of the Literature


Figure 1.
Figure 1. Endoscopic appearance of the descending colon mass (1.5 cm).
Figure 2.
Figure 2. Liver core biopsy showing a poorly differentiated carcinoma with hepatoid features. (a) H&E stain, 100 ×. (b) H&E stain, 400 ×. (c) Immunohistochemistry showing that the tumor cells are focally positive for glypican 3 (400 ×). (d) Ki-67 highlights 80% of the tumor cells (400 ×).
Figure 3.
Figure 3. Immunohistochemistry showing that the tumor cells are positive for MOC-31 (a), CK20 (b), CDX2 (c) and SATB2 (d) (a-d, 400 ×).


Table 1. Clinical Features of Reported Cases of Hepatoid Colorectal Carcinomas
CaseYearGender/ageAFP by IHCSerum AFP (ng/mL)MetastasisLymph node metastasisPrimary tumor locationHistologyFollow-upReferences
IHC: immunohistochemistry; Well: well differentiated adenocarcinoma; Mod: moderately differentiated adenocarcinoma; Poor: poorly differentiated adenocarcinoma; ANED: alive with no evidence of disease; AWD: alive with disease; DOD: died of disease; ND: not done/measured; NS: not stated; NED: no evidence of disease; WNL: within normal limit; RN: reference number.
11985M/50+6,983Liver/lungPositiveRectalMod-poor5 months DOD[7]
21992M/54+5,126LiverPositiveRectalWell0 month DOD[8]
31994M/43+267,300LiverPositiveRectalWell-mod4 months DOD[9]
41995F/39+7,200LiverPositiveSigmoid colonNS1 month DOD[10]
51996M/75+3,070NoPositiveCecumPoor4 months DOD[11]
61997M/71+420,000LiverNegativeRectalNS12 months DOD[12]
71997M/67+10,978LiverPositiveTransverse colonPoorNS[13]
81997F/48+6,600LiverNSSigmoid colonWell4 months DOD[14]
92003M/59+12,873LiverNegativeTransverse colonWell2 months DOD[15]
102006M/71+318NoPositiveTransverse colonPoor60 months AWD[16]
112007M/71+44,076Liver/spleenPositiveLeft colon flexureMod36 months DOD[17]
122008M/42+32,000LiverNegativeRectalNS19 months DOD[18]
132012F/75+NSNoPositiveRight colonNS8 months DOD[19]
142012F/59NSNSNoNegativeTransverse colonNS27 months ANED[6]
152014M/36+4,896NoPositiveTransverse colonMod-poor22 months ANED[20]
162015F/41+WNLNoNegativeRectalMod-poor12 months ANED[21]
172015F/42+elevatedLiver/lungPositiveSigmoid colonicPoor14 months AWD[22]
182017M/63NSNSLiverNegativeLeft colon flexurePoor0 month DODCurrent